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This is an attempt to organize hundreds of different holster options, for dozens of different models, for several different purposes. There are numerous threads asking about holsters for specific models of HK handguns, for specific purposes. What I would like to do is try to maintain a list of holsters currently available for handguns by model. To keep the thread as accurate as possible I would like to limit the holster to one you have actually purchased and used. Please include the following in each post (if everyone uses the same copy and paste format this will be really easy to maintain).

Weapon Model: USP, USPT, USPC, P30, HK45, etc.
Weapon caliber: .45, 9mm, etc.
Weapon Accessories Used: If you have a holster designed to be used with a light, adapter rail, etc., please list the details of the set-up.

Holster Manufacturer: Safariland, Aker, Etc.
Holster Model:6007, Vermax II, etc.
Holster Use: Duty, Concealment, Tactical, Multi (for the modular holsters)
Holster material: leather, polymer, nylon, etc.

I will try to update the thread and keep all holsters, organized and listed in the first couple posts of the thread, so this can hopefully be used as a quick reference, once it matures. If anyone has any suggestions on making the thread better, please PM me to keep this thread nice and neat! Thanks in advance to those of you who contribute.


USP Full-Size 9mm & .40 S&W-

USP Full-Size .45 ACP-

USP Specialty Pistols (Tactical, Expert, Elite)-

USPC 9/40/.357-

Holster Manufacturer: Milt Sparks
Holster Model: Vermax II
Holster Use: Concealment
Holster material: Leather





1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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