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the quest for a suppressed p2k...interesting findings

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Im sure none of this is new, but wanted to throw it out there to hopefully stir up enough people to get the quest for a suppressed p2k together...

yesterday I found that (as weve known) the p2k is nothing more than a uspC with updates....

USPc .40 and a p2k .40, and I found-a uspc will fit a holster for a p2k and vice versa. a uspc will work with the p2k barrel installed. A uspc frame will work with the p2k slide/barrel assembly. the p2k frame will work with the uspc slide/barrell assembly. the only combination that wont work is the p2k with the uspc barrel, because the cutting at the top of the chamber on the uspc isnt aggressive enough to fit inside the contoured slide. the only difference between the uspc and p2k barrel is the angle the top of the chamber is cut, and the *slight* length increase.

it shouldnt be hard to get a suppressed p2k... take a uspc threaded barrel and order it 1/8" longer(about) and have the chamber cut to fit.

would post pics of all this, but dont have a way to host it.
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Sounds very interesting. Do you have plans to pursue it?
FWIW, I asked HK cust serv about getting a P2000 barrel for my USPc and they said they are too different and they will not be interchangable. May just be an official CYA answer.
certainly was not my experience with the combination.....more to follow, im going to go back to the range with the gun and see what happens.

Ill keep everyone posted, the threaded barrel for the p2k is something i do plan on pursuing.
would love to see pics of the various working combinations...sounds interesting
You never mentioned what caliber you're trying to suppress. Compact 9mm threaded barrels are hard to source.

Jarvis will make P2000 threaded barrels if you can get at least 50 people who want one (same caliber)....
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