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Welcome to the Red Room Collection. My old website was taken down by Apple so I have put most of the pics in this thread. These are all old pics but time to share again. I have a bunch of new stuff pictured on pages 3, 4, 6 and 7. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.


The Red Room Collection

Red Room Hand Guns

More Hand Guns

HK PSP #354 with GSG9 markings

PSP with original target

Original PSP

PSP right side

PSP and GSG9 markings

Early P7 Consecutive Pair

Early consecutive pair


Proposal for XM9

P7A10 - First XM9 Submission

P7A10 - left side

P7A13 prototype with VM serial number

P7A13 left side

P7A10 - XM9 trial gun

P7A13 left side

P7A13 grip panel

#015 right side

P7M13 #015 (pilot lot)

TPW right side

TPW factory engraving

Unique models

P7M13S - external safety by factory

P7M13S left side

P7K3 serial number USA-002

P7PT8 - rare training gun

P7PT8 grip panel

2000 special run of P7E

1997 special run P7 PSP

US Park Police

P7M8 Phosphate for US Park Police

P7M8 Phosphate (right side)

The first P7M10 (with thin slide)

First .40 S&W prototype modified by factory from an M13

M8 and M13 DEMO marked

M13's with DEMO and T&E markings

P7M13 with HK DEMO ONLY factory engraving

Mexican P7M13 presented to the President of Mexico


DIM markings

DIM grip panel

DIM President of Mexico close up

DIM external safety and markings for President of Mexico

P7M13 factory engraved

Factory engraved P7M13

Here are some group shots. Please forgive the non-HK items. ;-)

Welcome to the Red Room

Various Full Autos

HK Full Autos

Various "64" variants

HK Metal Man


MSG90A1 and PSG1

HK94 T&E

HK94 SG1

Cetme, G3, 41, 91

43, 93, factory camos

Also, if you are looking to sell something you think is rare, please PM me.

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Nice to see you posting again.

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Holy shiznit! I've heard of this collection, but seeing it is just incredible. Looking forward to the new ones. Thanks

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Very nice collection Bo and again it is wonderful to see you posting.

Can not wait to see what new rifles/pistols you acquired .

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Absolutely beautiful. And all having their mags inserted; the way they should be properly displayed (IMHO)...
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