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Thin profile holster for summer P2000sk carry

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Hey Guys. Looking for holster advice. I have a P2000sk in 9mm that I'm trying to find a good summer IWB holster for. I have a Black Hills Leather IWB holster that I like fine, but it is quite a bit more bulky that I would like--especially for summer wear.

Here are my ideal criteria:
(A) Preferably Kydex (for the sake of thinness, primarily)
(C) Thin profile--I'm 5'11'' 165 lbs. so I have a thin frame that makes hiding a large pistol hard enough without having a bulky holster adding to the problem
(D) Able to put on or take off holster without having to take off my belt (loops with snaps are preferable over clips, but either is better than a fixed loop).
(E) Delivery time isn't make-or-break, but if I ordered this week, I'd like to have it before the start of winter.

Let me know of any suggestions you have. Mexican carry is working for now, but I'd prefer a holster for the sake of retention and safety.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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