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thinking about building off a parts kit...need advice

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Thinking about buying a parts kit and giving it a go.
my questions is this.

I am a middling to good gun smith. built AR's and AK's.
made my own rifle stock out of aluminum and wood.

really how complicated is it to put one of these together.
I am ****e at welding but got a buddy who is pretty good.
if I purchased a completed reciever am I in for far less headache than trying to bend a flat.
I know I can watch some youtube videos and see it done but I am asking the layman/ home gun smith about doing this as a project.
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Chew, PTR kits or surplus G3? A running PTR can be as low as $850 factory warranty-new. A fairly used kit plus barrel can be about $400, plus all the parts that go with that to make it compliant, etc. As most will tell you on the Pro, cost savings and HK are not usually found in the same sentence. :)
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