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Thinking about pulling the trigger...

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About a year ago, I made the mistake of selling off my collection (A USPf40 and a 1911).

I am definitely digging the new HK45, but being a California-ite, I have to play the waiting game to see if it'll ever be legal without jumping through hoops.

When I had my USPf40, I always (not so silently) wished it was a USP 45 Expert. My local range has one for sale, $1130 with 2 10 rd mags. I know it's not particularly a great deal, but it's not awful either.

I just picked up a 1911, so I'd have to put the USP Expert on layaway.

Few questions:
1) for someone who is dying to own a Mk23, would I be better off buying a USP Expert or a HK 45?
2) I'm tall. I have big hands. I loved my USPf40, I know the USP Expert grip won't bother me one bit.
3) If I could have both, I would. Is the USP Expert going to be hard to find new?
4) Should I hunt down a better deal?
5) What real advantages does the HK 45 have over the Expert? These will not be carry pistols, 99.999% range weapons. .001% home defense.
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It's just a matter of personal preference between the USP Expert and
the HK45. Both are outstanding pistols. Whatever one will do the other
will do just as good.

My choice between the two would be the HK45 but, you being in the
Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, I would snatch up that USP Expert ASAP.
Not many of them around and if you can get one, grab it.
Get the HK45 later, if it's approved.

Also, the only thing that is going to satisfy the itch for a Mk23 is a Mk23.
No other pistol compares. The USP Tactical comes the closest, followed by
the Expert, but there is still a world of difference.

In case anyone was wondering, I put it on layaway. :D Bought a 1911 on 12/10, so I'll be officially regging this one on 1/10. (Stupid Cali laws.)
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Excellent choice on going with the Expert! It was the best gun of all your listed choices. What 1911 did you get?
I got an S&W 1911 PD.

I like the 1911s a lot, but there was no pistol that I shot better with than my USP40 - other than another member's USP45 Elite. I have not shot an expert yet, but I like the trigger from having shot matches and the Elite, and I know the Expert is just perfect for me. Something about 45acp and a 5" (5.2") barrel really does it for me... :)
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The Expert is a fantastic gun. For the range the Expert is the clear choice, but costs more money. My Expert .45 is my favorite HK and one of my top guns.

I have an HK45, but have not fired it yet, hopefully tomorrow. The trigger is far superior on the Expert. The Expert mag holds 12 rds and the HK45 holds 10.

If you are going to carry it, the HK45 is lighter and 1.18 inches shorter than the Expert. The width is .31 inches narrower than the Expert.
Good purchases, Thray. I have an Elite in .45ACP and really enjoy it as a range gun; the Expert should fit that role well...

I have one of the first S&W1911 to hit the streets when it was a custom shop gun prior to becoming a production piece. After 3K plus rounds, I doubt it had more than 1-2 failures and those were due to a few of my fat-based reloads getting past the final Lee sizer/crimper somehow...

Good luck with both those fine handguns...
In case anyone was wondering, I put it on layaway. :D Bought a 1911 on 12/10, so I'll be officially regging this one on 1/10. (Stupid Cali laws.)
Beautiful gun. I'm in the process of negotiating a deal for an Expert in 9mm. 30 day wait in Cali is nothing compared to the 3 MONTH wait in NYC. Us restricted staters are always suffering one way or another....
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