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Threaded barrel accuracy?

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So I have had a USP 9 since 2001, it has been the one gun I have always kept.

I recently got a factory threaded barrel for it.

I've got the gun sighted in with the original barrel perfectly, it is a tack driver for me.

I put in the threaded barrel and the accuracy really shifted quite a bit from my POA. like 2 inches to the left at 20 feet.

put the original barrel back in, back to perfectly sighted in dime sized groups.

Is this a common issue for the threaded barrels? I know there could be some differences as it is zeroed to the original barrel but THAT much different seems to be of a concern since they are both HK barrels...
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hhhmmmm, i shoot my usp45T from factory like crap, then again, i haven't zero's my sights :)
I will second this, as it has happened to me as well. good question...
welcome home S4guy2000
The threads matter not. They're on the outside, after all. It's just two different barrels. Drift your front sight a tiny bit. It may change again when you add a can. Of course, if you're not using a can the threaded barrel is pointless anyway.
Given that a slide and barrel wear in together, I'd think it entirely possible that installing a new barrel, without the same wear pattern, would create a change in the lockup sufficient to change poi.
the threaded barrel is pointless anyway.

but it looks so cool.

forgot...... :facepalm: :))
This is actually something I had thought of (I probably have 10K+ rounds through this USP) but i didn't think it would be that much. I will have to compared the T barrel to the non-T barrel.

I really got the T barrel so I could add a can later as this was really the only gun I would consider using a can on, I was trying to get it broken in a bit and I suppose I can drift the sight to re-zero then.

It is still acceptably accurate but I'm used to putting really tight groups together exactly at my POA. I'll just have to set up a setup and stick with it. (or buy another USP to build into a Can host... GASP!)

Thanks guys!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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