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Timeline for HKUSA?

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So I started a new thread a couple days ago announcing that I ordered an HK45. I can wait for this thing to come. The waiting game sucks.

Anyway I gave HK-USA a call and talked to CS. The gentleman told me that they would be receiving a new shipment sometime next month. I am wondering about that claim because I'm not sure of the American/German parts content of the HK45. I've heard 100% made in USA and I've heard frame only made in USA. And just because HKUSA gets a shipment that doesn't mean whole country is going to get resupplied...

When I placed the order at my LGS I was told "I can't imagine the wait being more than a couple months".

If anyone can give me a SMALL bearing on how long I may have to wait knowing that HKUSA is getting more in sometime next month it would be appreciated...

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but I feel the only dumb question is an unasked one.
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One thing you should always do before ordering from HK is check the forum here by posting a WTB add and then if this does not work check gun broker. Ordering from HK you might as well ask a crystal ball when your item will arrive. This is not HK USA's fault. They only give info out as they receive it from Germany etc. No one can control manufacturing or shipping and customs. Just my 2 cents from my years of collecting and "Ordering".
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