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Timeline for HKUSA?

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So I started a new thread a couple days ago announcing that I ordered an HK45. I can wait for this thing to come. The waiting game sucks.

Anyway I gave HK-USA a call and talked to CS. The gentleman told me that they would be receiving a new shipment sometime next month. I am wondering about that claim because I'm not sure of the American/German parts content of the HK45. I've heard 100% made in USA and I've heard frame only made in USA. And just because HKUSA gets a shipment that doesn't mean whole country is going to get resupplied...

When I placed the order at my LGS I was told "I can't imagine the wait being more than a couple months".

If anyone can give me a SMALL bearing on how long I may have to wait knowing that HKUSA is getting more in sometime next month it would be appreciated...

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Sorry if this is a dumb question but I feel the only dumb question is an unasked one.
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I've been waiting a few month's for a P30s 9mm/with night sight' i have no idea what's going on with HK...
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