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Titanium Firing Pin, Worth it or Not?

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I had the tip of a firing pin break off the other day. Afterwards I realized that it was from a Coharie that I purchased back in 2008. Upon closer examination of break, it looked like weak metal. So I replaced it with another one I had from another gun. When browsing around and looking for a quality replacement, I ran across a titanium version (US made) on Kind of expensive but states that it is strong enough to last a lifetime, maybe two.

Does anybody have any personal experience with this. Is it on the up-and-up or just snake oil? I'd like to keep the stock FP with the whole bolt assembly that came with the SP5k so I wanted to get something to use with the altered FA group that I'll be using in the gun most of the time. I located a nice replacement last night, digging through my parts that I got from a few years back. Don't know if it's US or German made though. I'm sure it's better quality than the one that broke, but not positive. Looks like stainless steel. But that's the color of the Titanium version too. So I weighed it to see and it's just as heavy as the other steel one I have, so no.
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Ti is not a good idea for a firing pin in spite of what marketing will tell you. Most of the marketed benefits are true (and subsequently useless to a MG) until you get to the longevity claims.
Ti does not lend itself well to the type of hammering, beating, work hardening that firing pins go through. I recommend sticking with good old HK steel German firing pins for all MG applications.

And yes, I've seen a broken Ti pin that had less than 40 rounds on it. Heard of but not seen a couple of others.
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