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Took my p2000sk .40 v2 and p30 9mm v2 to range for the first time....

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I got the sk two weeks ago and haven't been able to fire it until yesterday. When I received it, I liked the fit and finish so much, I started looking for a p30. I was able to get a great deal on a lightly used p30, so I bought it.

I like the feel of the LEM, but I was a bit all over the place. Suprisingly enough, to me, I shot overall tighter groups with my .40 sk. Super impressed with the .40 sk. The recoil is much lighter than I expected in a gun that size in that caliber. To me, seemed to have a good bit less recoil than a Glock 27. Hoping groups will tighten up considerably with more practice. The p30 was nice as well, but I was very impressed with the sk.

I don't know if I will go to v1, but I can definitely see myself going to v4 first, if I make any changes.... Now I want an HK 45c... :6200:
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Congratulations! Yes, your accuracy and proficiency with the LEM system will greatly improve with some more range time. It's different at first but it doesn't take long to get comfortable with. I'm sure it won't be long before you get a 45c. Once the seed has been planted it's all over!
Just like anything new, it takes awhile to get back to your previous level of comfort and accuracy.

I shot my SK better initially than my P30, but now my skill with the P30 is up to par.

I always laugh at guys who put 50 through a completely new pistol / action type and decide it isn't for them.

Keep it up!
Im glad you are impressed with that little tank of a tac driver. It is an impressive gun. After about 2 weeks of consistant shooting I was able to get 1 inch groups out of my p2000sk 40. I really do enjoy that gun and I feel more than confident with it as my daily CC gun.

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