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Took the VP9 for a walk

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I had some time yesterday after church so I took the VP9 and a couple of others for a walk in the desert.

What a hoot. Shooting at 30 yards right on target.

Since I had the AR with me and was shooting at 50 (short clearing) I said what the heck and started sniping with the VP9 and my 1911.

That was a blast.

I did have to hold high but I'm liking that VP9.

I believe I could have loaded it with rocks or cactus needles and it would shoot them

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I see Army Security Agency. Me too. Also have new VP9 that has only been out twice. Love that gun. ASA 1961-66
Oh man you were there in the good ole bad days. Thank you for your service.
I'm a kid 72-until bought up by MI.

The VP 9 now has a big brother HK45. Gonna take him for a walk maybe tomorrow.

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