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I needed some work done to get my HK91K back into working shape and updated. I e-mailed Ken and received a reply that he would look at my gun within a couple hours. I dropped my gun off and had a great lunch at one of my favorite places and returned to find all the work expertly done. They had a plethora of really nice HK stuff and the entire staff was helpful and had an excellent level of knowledge compared to most shops I have been in.

Overall, great bunch of guys who are building some wicked HK's (and other cool black guns). When it comes time for me to get a SBR'd G3K, I will be getting it from these guys. I got to fondle several G3K's, 51's and 53's today.....all of them were very nice. A big +1 for TPM Outfitters.
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they are doing some work for me, converting my sp89 to MP5k-navy and hk94 to MP5SD. Ken is a super nice guy, and welding working is exceptional, i have a HK93 and AT94 coming to me, i will see Ken again in couple days, lol.
I'll back them up as well. Did a few deals with them. Great guys, honest as the day is long.
Ken is great to work with....all dealings perfect
It was nice before Ken at TPM starting becoming popular when I could drop a project off and pick it up in a week. On the other hand, go by to see it before the Form 4 transfer took place (back when the ATF could process in 2-3 months). I will not mention names of other HK smiths that I have waited for two + years to get my project back from. I am proud for him and hope others will get an opportunity to see his work and have a project completed by him. His welds, grafting and finish are some of the best I have ever seen.
Ken did some fantastic work for me on my HK MP-5 N and SP-89 that he converted to an MP5K-N. Fast turn a round and high quality work.

Ken does some great stuff. Very impressed with what I saw in the shop. Prices are in-line with the other smiths. Finish is EXCELLENT. His personal knowledge and experience w/ HK is deep-rooted. He prefers not to work on other stuff, just HK (I tried to get him to do a M249 build).

Here is his website (plenty of pics):
do they work on clones as well? I didnt realize they were so close....
Just wanted to bump this post with an update. Sometimes you have a one time good experience with a place and then their are issues. Well the good news is that is not the case here. They have helped on several repairs or modifications that were above my skill level over the last year. Recently I had attempted to do an install of a part on a new rifle and I did not have the correct tool for the job and did some slight cosmetic ugly, so I stopped while I was ahead. I took the rifle to TPM today. Ken and his crew had a specialized tool that was custom made for the exact task at hand and made quick work of it. If you ever have need for work on HK or similar firearms, TPM has not let me down in the past. They also had their usual mass of pure HK coolness. I am still planning on having them do a G3K at some point, so seeing several that they were working on had me drooling.
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