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I’m a frequent reader and an infrequent poster. I've had an HK USP40c since they first came out. Lately I was taken by the bug for an HK45C and came up with this in a trade:

It looks to me like the wear is primarily from being carried. I’m not an expert, but the internals seem to indicate a low round count. I’m wondering what the collective wisdom here can tell me about this pistol.

--Any guesses as to round count?
--Value? I’m trying to assess if I made a good deal.
--Suggestions on refinishing the slide stop or leaving it alone?
--Any issues I may not be seeing?

Here’s the right side:

Inside the Slide:

Fire Control Unit:

Recoil Assembly:

Several of the Barrel:

The Breach Face:

After getting it home I installed the small backstrap and ordered some 8 round mags and night sights from Top Gun Supply. Looking forward to getting it out to the range this week.

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Fire Control Unit:
Everything looks clean to me. This area on my HK45c has a dark bronze like coloring on it... It shoots like a champ, I'm wondering now if the coloring isn't normal. Buy your HK45c internals look brand new. The outside wear gives it character... You're wondering if you made out good in the trade? I'd say it depends on what you traded for it.

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Great pistol, you have no doubt read of the great reviews on here about this gun.

Looking at the wear, I say you have a gun with 1000-2000 rounds through it. The wear gets to that point and stops, but the best part is your pistol is still a baby and has plenty of life to give you. Clean it up, lube it and run the hell out of it.

Congrats on the trade.

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The pistol you have there looks like it was carried often, in what was probably a kydex holster.

The barrel wear and internals looks fine to me. The slide and slide release are a little worn, but nothing I would be too upset about. I like my pistols to look as good as possible for the longest amount of time, but we get these guns to shoot them.

You also got a great shooting pistol. One of the best carry options for the 45acp out there I feel. I love mine. A real tack driver once you get used to it. Also Much like the USPC, the HK45c is a compact, but you still feel like you brought a gun to a gun fight, not a squirt gun.

Clean her up, feed her, and shoot her. Then try to wipe the smile off of your face.


As for your questions.
-I agree with the 1000-2000 rounds
-I would put the value around $750-800ish
-It doesn't need refinished unless you want to really.
-and I can't see anything wrong with it.
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