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Transplanting an hk piston assy

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This may sound nuts... Has anyone ever built an AR using an American barrel, lower receiver and upper receiver but retrofitted the HK piston system (gas block, piston assy, barrel nut, 'channel' tube (metal cylinder which passes through the upper, providing a channel for the piston rod to go through the upper receiver and impinge the bolt carrier), and bolt/carrier assy?Looking for a project!Thanks!Charles
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There are several piston conversion kits. The short stroke piston is just one of the improvements HK made to the AR platform. Unless you can make the parts yourself, it wouldn't at all be cost effective to just try to install the piston setup. If you could even get the parts, that is. Check out A friend has one of the Osprey Defense kits and says it works great.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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