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I will be hosting Travis Haley from SDI at Henry's in Homestead March 22-23 for his Defensive Mindset Carbine Course. This class will be unique as the cost is much less then normal and its size will be limited to 12 students. Here is the info from Travis' flyer :

Defensive Mindset Tactical Carbine
This course is a moderate intensity course designed for more of the
intermediate shooter who already posses the basic handgun and carbine
fundamentals. This course will be a will have a maximum allowance of
12 students. This is designed for all levels but require proof of
prior basic pistol and carbine training. No matter what your level of
experience is, other tactical courses completed, competing in IPSC,
etc., this course will challenge you. This course teaches methods that
inculcate dynamic responses to critical stress incidents by
incorporating a defensive mind set with our shooting fundamentals,
drills, and scenario based training.
This course will ingrain combat mindset and thoroughly cover terminal
ballistics, rapid threat analysis and acquisition, shooting on the
move, multiple target engagement, strong and weak hand shooting,
Malfunctions, natural and improvised shooting positions, barricade
shooting, shooting from vehicles, Low light shooting, Individual and
team confidence enhancement shooting drills, and individual and team
live fire stress courses. This course is a fast paced, hands-on, super
dynamic live fire course.

Topics and practical application covered in this class
• Defensive mind set
• Proper gear selection and set up.
• Shooting stance.
• Grip.
• Axis and mechanics of recoil.
• Sight alignment, sight picture (electronic sights & BUIS)
• Trigger control.
• Transitions to secondary
• Speed reloads and tactical reloads.
• Malfunctions.
• Strong and weak hand shooting.
• Shooting on the move (all directions)
• Different shooting positions (standard and improvised)
• Intuitive shooting.
• Multiple target engagements.
• Barricade/obstacle shooting including vehicles.
• Low Light shooting
• Reality drills and scenario base training
• Reflexive fire drills.
• Individual and team confidence enhancement shooting drills
• Individual and team live fire stress courses
Post up if you are interested and Contact Me for more information.
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