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Finally got to shoot the HK45 I purchased thanks to this site.

Standard pistol, traditional DA/SA with decocker/safety on l/h side of the pistol, the V1.

Shot indoors, at 25 and 50 ft, using RemingtonUMC 230gr FMJ ammo.

I shot 5rds at a time, using both mags shipped with the pistol, for a total of 50rds fired. No feeding or ejecting issues.

I hit consistently in the 9, 10, and x-ring at 25 feet, it spread out a little into the 8 ring at 50 feet, not the pistol's fault, mine from lack of practice.

The SA trigger is great. One of the best I've encountered on a SA/DA pistol IMHO. The DA took a little getting used to, but it was still good.

Fit and finish was very good, this gun was made in the USA.

I have owned and shot other full sized .45 pistols other than the 1911, and neither measured up to the HK 45. The Glock 21SF was OK, but not as egrodymanic as the HK. The S&W MP45 was very dissapointing, not only in performance, but a PITA to clean and strip.

The HK45 costs nearly double the price of the aforementioned pistols, but I think the cost is warranted.

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