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Trigger housing question

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Alright folks, I'll swallow my pride and seek assistance from gurus. I'm slowly gaining familiarity with the HK family of firearms and I've got a question on the trigger housing. Since I haven't taken the pack out of my DJ Getz MP5, are the trigger housings "keyed" to the pack capability? In other words, will a semi-auto 0,1 trigger pack fit inside a 4 position trigger housing? I think I know the answer but since I don't have any "spare parts" lying around need some assistance.

Thank you!
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There are 2 styles of housings for the HK rifles--SEF and Ambi housings. Any trigger group will fit in any housing as long as the housing style is correct. So yes an 0-1 group will fit in a four position housing so long as the housing is the correct style. Make sense?
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