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Has anyone had a trigger job done to there p2000sk DA/SA. I mostly want to improve the SA trigger and reduce creep and overtravel. I wrote Teddie jacobson (actionbyT) an email asking what he can do for it . here is his response:

I regret I do not take in any more HK 2000SK pistols.

I have already worked on some and its not worth you spending your money on for so little improvement.

If you call me I will explain in detail. Just getting parts for this model is a problem.



Teddy Jacobson - Pistolsmith
281 565 6977

Hmm.. Well , maybe there is nothing that can be done to the sk but it doesnt hurt to ask, so whats your take?

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HK triggers don't have much creep in the first place. People often confuse creep with pre-travel. HK triggers do have a lot of pretravel. There's nothing you can do about that unless you want to remove the firing pin block safety. HK resets the firing pin block on every shot. That pretravel is from moving the safety out of the way.

Overtravel can be reduced by simply putting a set screw into the trigger. Is it really worth it, not really. With so much total travel in the trigger, just learn to pull through the trigger. That's about all you can do.

Bruce Gray can tweak the trigger a bit, but it'll cost you.
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