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TruGlo TFO's & baseplates

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I am wondering...

Has anyone here tried TruGlo TFO's on their HK? Opinions??

Also - I am looking for the flat magazine baseplates for 12 rd USP45 mags. (or mags that come w/ the flat baseplate - not finger ext. version) Anyone know where I can find some?

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I had them on an XD40 and liked them a lot. Very bright in daylight, and obviously in the dark. Nice low profile design for a carry sight.

I got some MMC adjustables with tritium for my HK that everyone raves about here. I received them and then realized that I shouldn't have spent the $. Trying to get rid of them now. :(

Sorry, not familiar with the mags enough to give info on the whereabouts of baseplates.
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