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What's safe, and what's the worst that can happen? I'd like to talk about what the ultrasonic cleaning process (and not specific solvents) can do to HK parts specifically.

1) I imagine that barrels should be the least worrisome: stick it in the cleaner to loosen stuff up, then wipe/scrub off anything that remains.

2) Magazines shouldn't be too much hassle, especially if disassembled. Is it ok to put HK mags into an ultrasonic cleaner while assembled?

3) Frame should be ok, but the moving parts will need a careful oiling afterwards, as any existing lube will be removed during cleaning. According to manuals, colored markings can be removed by ultrasonic cleaners: any specific experience in that department?

4) The slide might be the most contentious part, mostly because of the sights. Do the GITD sight dots on P30 family guns survive the vibration? Let's assume water or a mild solvent to keep other variables out of the equation. Are the trits on the HK45 forum gun rated for ultrasonic cleaning? It's not strictly a HK-centric question, but it's factory-installed by HK so I hope that's ok to talk about.
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