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Umarex 416 - thinking about it!

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Any of you guys run one of the little Umarex 416's?

I've been thinking about getting one to plink with but a 4x the cost of a 10/22 I'm not sold yet.

How is the accuracy, fit/finish and reliability been on yours?

Pictures would be sweet too!
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Personally, I don't care for the lack of a manually operated BHO, the pencil barrel, and most of all, the inability to remove the bolt for cleaning. I'm much happier with SIG 522 SWAT. Plus, the Black Dog Machine mags for the SIG are cheaper than the Umarex mags for the HK. I'm saying all this as an owner of both guns.
Taking it apart to clean it was a pain at first, but there's a good You Tube video that shows in detail how to do it. A complete tear-down now is no problem, bolt and all. I was worried about the pencil barrel also, but I find it very accurate. At the indoor range at 75ft, using a cheap red dot sight, a 1" group or less is no problem (and I've got really bad eyesight). I've fired thousands of rounds thru mine and have not had a single FTF or FTE. Very good fit and finish (for a .22). Feels and handles like a "real" AR, although the manual of arms is very different. Trigger is so-so, and I don't think you can change it, but I really wasn't expecting a match trigger. I originally bought it for my son, but I plink with it more than he does. We originally considered the S&W MP15-22, but I didn't like all that plastic - felt cheap. The magazines are fairly expensive, but I'd get one again in a heart beat!
I am thrilled with mine! it will never be sold. dont worry about cleaning its a breeze. mine will hit a 4in. dong 150yds out all day long no problem
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I've been thinking about one in pistol form but it's hard to overcome the cost when there are SO many .22s on the market for half the price.
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