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UMP .40 barrel stub (chamber end)
Someone torched right through the barrel when they demilled the receiver, all that is left is this small section a couple inches long. Might be useful to someone that needs some dimensions at the chamber side, or interesting paperweight $20 shipped

Auto part

Auto part Automotive wheel system Wheel Rim

(SPF)UMP stub + folding stock, used, no rear sight. handling marks/small scratches throughout, (PD gun) and has a couple small scars, poor lighting but attempted to get pictures of them. One might be able to be sanded out, the other could be filled in during plastic welding or just run it as is if you don't care!
(SPF) $220 shipped (SPF)

Electronics Technology


Used UMP .40 mag - factory mag, from PD parts kit, marks and scuffs throughout, $55 shipped or trade for used .45 UMP mag


Payment by USPS money order or Paypal gift (or add 3%) with no mention of firearms whatsoever!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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