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Ump 9mm conversion

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I don't know if this is a good or bacd price but wow I never thought I'd see this ever

I hope some one can snag it.
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I don't know if this is a good or bacd price but wow I never thought I'd see this ever

I hope some one can snag it.
Extremely Rare 9mm UMP parts kit!! Exceptional Seller as Well, Buy With Complete Confidence.
Trying to figure out what I'm looking at. Was there no receiver?

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Correct it was a parts kit so the receiver has been destroyed. However real German 9mm barrels and bolts are borderline unobtanium
And you would think for almost $4,000, the seller would include at least one magazine... NOPE!
WOW, sold with BIN for almost $4,000 (with no mag as @peppersteak122 said). I get it from a collector's standpoint, but id you want a 9mm subgun, just get a MP5. I am told the recoil impulse on the 9mm UMP, while not as bad as the .45, is still pretty significant. But I guess if you have $4k in disposable income to drop on a parts kit, you probably already have a few MP5 platforms...
Well, James Bond DID use UMP9 in Quantum of Solace... maybe that's the price to become James Bond?
These were a hair under $3k about 5 years ago at HKParts, all were brand new. I bought one, but don't know how many others are out there. They very rarely come up for sale.
Not to troll this thread, but I don't get it outside of a hard core HK collector.

I mean if you want a polymer blow-back 9mm subgun, you can have a brand new Scorpion Evo 3 + 922r kit + SBR Stamp for right around $1000 all in.

And mags are plentiful and $20.

HKpro yes, but...
I would have bought that at the BIN price in a heartbeat... and I already have several Michaels Machines and SEF Tactical sets.

@Lumbergh: you're right, there are definitely less pricey options out there. This is very much a collectible in the most collectible sense of the term. Michael's Machines now makes 9mm kits for the UMP and USC for around $1000 so even sticking with the HK platform there are alternatives.

One of these kits, unfired, is my "HK Unicorn" and I'm glad I did not see the auction, frankly, I have more important things to spend that $$$ on right now. It would have been a hard choice not to click Buy It Now. :wink:
Thank you for clearing this up.

I've seen these in the past as mentioned above at and wasn't aware of the rarity.

As I haven't really been looking for these I was completely ignorant of the rarity and value attached to that.

I guess that's why I have an SBR Evo 3 and not a factory HK 9mm UMP!

The more you read, the more you learn.

Like they say, "speed costs money, how fast do you want to go?"
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