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Understanding P2000SK variants

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I'm trying to understand the P2000SK variants available in the US. My wife likes the feel of one we checked out in a store, but she didn't dry fire it. So, could you help me understand what we can purchase and the differences to consider?

From the H&K web site, I see either five or six variants, depending on how I read their table. For the LEM trigger version, I see V2, V4, and V1 variants with trigger pulls of 32.5N, 27.5N, and 20.0N. With spring swaps, they can be converted to feel like each other, right, and the only difference is the trigger pull.

The V5 is DAO and the V3 is straight SA/DA. The straight P2000SK with no variant number has me puzzled. It's listed as having a CDA trigger, but they also list SA and DA trigger pull strengths.

Now, after all that, what of these may I buy in the US?

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The only available P2000/SK variants available from the factory in the States are the V2 LEM 7.5-8lb DAO trigger and the V3 DA/SA with decocker (DA-11lb SA-5lb trigger). The other LEM variants can be had by replacing the springs to lower or increase the trigger pull by doing it yourself or sending it out to HK.

Take a look at the P2000/SK FAQ........
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