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I just read that Promag, yes that Promag, is making 40 round poly mags.

Did I miss this or has anyone tried these? Not holding my breath on quality.

HK 93 Gun Magazine

Really, if you want to make a US mag, make 25 or 30 rounders, IMHO.

Magpul would be awesome to do these!

I am guessing the 93 market, thanks to CAI, would be better sized than the G36 market they currently serve (probably .mil/leo).

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Members on have tried the magazine and found no problems with them.

Member Eleven-Hotel posted...

Well my 40rd mag showed up today. I havent had a chance to take many pics or give a range report yet, but heres what I can tell you so far.

1. The mag seems well made and light weight
2. The mag fits in my c93 easily without any modification.
3. The mag will fall from the magwell freely when the magazine release is pushed.

1. The magazine seems a bit bulky, I kinda feel like I'm shoving a siaga 12ga mag in my rifle.
2. The mag has a a little more curve to it, not as much as an ak47 mag but definitely more than the original, kinda looks like an ak74 or siaga 12ga magazine.
3. the mag is about a half an inch longer than the original metal 40 rounder.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to get a range report, if any of you want more pics I should be able to post some after work tomorrow. I't does look like you could modify and shorten theses mags to a 30 or 20rd capacity.
A follow-up post when he got to the range a week later...

Hey guys, had the c93 at the range today. I put 120 rounds through the pro-mag 40 round mag and ti's good to go. No malfunctions what so ever....I'm still not a big fan about the size...but it works and works well...
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