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USC Charging Handle Recall?

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How far back does the USC charging handle recall go? My USC has a 4k serial number.

Thank you
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The other way of knowing is to just look at your charging handle; the original "recalled" handle will be smooth on the back face toward the shooter, while the updated metal shaft handle will have vertical striations on the face toward the shooter. HK sent the replacement to me back in 2002 to install myself as long as I shipped the original recalled part back to them. Good luck,

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Sounds like you are. The issue for the recall was that the early handles didn't have a steel bar insert in the cocking handle mold which quickly resulted in the cocking handle breaking off at the shaft as a result of any exaggerated HK "slap" on charging. With many of us taking advantage of the American stle bolt release, this wasn't a major problem, but handled quickly by HK in the recall.

Your sounds like the updated part has been installed.

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One of the things I like about the USC/UMP design is the US-style bolt release, however, the HK slap is fun and I suspect down the road I'll learn to make good use of both styles of operation.

Thanks again

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For posterity:

Contact: (703) 450-1900
February 10, 2000


Sterling, VA -- Heckler and Koch, Inc. (HK) is voluntarily recalling a
quantity of Universal Machine Pistol’s (UMP) and Universal
Sporting Carbine’s (USC) shipped since the last quarter of 1999,
effective immediately.
This recall was prompted by recent reports of approximately
twenty instances of breakage of the operating handle. The
operating handle, manufactured of a polymer composite, is used
to retract the bolt, allowing the user to load or unload the
weapon. If the operating handle breaks, the firearm is then
rendered inoperable.
HK is recalling UMP’s with serial numbers 163-001001 through
163-001200. USC’s with serial numbers 47-000102 through
47-002600 are also being recalled.
"While there is no possibility of harm to the user as a direct
result of operating handle breakage, HK is initiating this recall,
effective immediately, in the interest of the safety of our
customers," said Eoin Stafford, HK President. "This action only
serves to underscore HK’s commitment to providing the highest
quality product and best service possible. Most importantly, we
thank our customers for their patience and understanding as we
move to resolve this as quickly as possible."
All of the recalled firearms will be fitted with a newly-designed
operating handle by HK’s technical department at no charge.
Current UMP and USC product on order will be refitted prior to
shipment. The new operating handle is currently in production and
HK expects to commence installation within the next six to eight
HK is recommending that USC and UMP owners not use their
firearms until the new handle is installed. Owners are requested
to please contact HK at (703) 450-1900, ext. 226 to confirm
shipment and installation procedure.
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