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USC questions

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Hi guys,

Just got my first, of what I'm sure will be a few, HK guns. I picked up my HK USC from my dealer on Saturday. I think I got a decent deal. I got the USC with the factory top rail, and two mags for $1300.

I had been eyeing the USC for the last few months, and when I saw an aluminum grease gun lower come up on gunbroker, I had to jump. I picked up 8 GG mags too. So far, I have $1750 into the gun. I think I'm doing pretty darn good on this project, and I'll recoup a little bit when i sell the two USC mags I have.

The GG conversion went well. Haven't dont a live first test yet, but it dry checks just fine. I'm confident it is OK, but I'll see this weekend.

I have a Burris FFII sight cowitnessed with the sights, and I cut the FS hood to clear up the FOV. Very nice, but the Burris isn't my favorite optic. I'd like to put one of the Zeiss (to keep it German) reflex sights on it if they will cowitness. Can someone verify that, please? If not, I assume an Aimpoint T1 would work?

Also, I have a question with regards to 922r compliance. I've read and searched on this, but all the info I pulled up is for the UMP conversion. I can't find anything for the GG conversion specifically. My understanding is that it is satisfied simply by using M3 mags, right?
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Good to see your GG conversion went well, let us know how the live firing works out. I also just picked up a GG conversion and some M3 mags but haven't converted my USC yet. I'll be using the GG receiver and stock plus M3 mags for my US parts count.
Thanks for the live fire test report. This is good info in case I run into similar problems.
I just checked my M3 mags and they all lock into place fine, these mags are from
Cheers, 57
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