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Well as many of you know I lost Some offshore west indies company bought it. Oh well to hell with them Daddy (me) just purchased UMP.45. I am gonna get off my butt and move the site over to my server and get back to business. I of course will have all the women you have all grown to love on there...oh and UMP stuff.

This is the direct link to the old site. I am gonna redo the whole thing. This new site will have several sections on many guns HK makes. There is so much to cover it might take me a while, but everyone seemed to enjoy the other one so I might as well give it another go...
(This site is old. Look at the submissions on there.)


Edit: Don't bother going to ump45 yet...I need to get home and set it up. Might take 48 hours.

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Are you going to have more hidden pic's? that was my favorite part, trying to find the hidden pic's...... HAHAHA, I can't wait!
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