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USP .40 date codes

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What was the date code for the first year the USP 40 was introduced?

I have a KE which is 94 and was wondering if that was the first year it was introduced here and also who else has some old USPs?
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You can find that for yourself if you will visit the World of HK which is linked to from HKPRO home page. There is a ton of information there and from your question it is obvious that you have not been there. Rather than answer it you will find it much more enjoyable to spend a little time going to the different links that are in the World of HK. Go to HKPRO home page (not bulletin board) and click on World of HK. All the information you would ever want about HKs is there, including the answer to your question.
Enjoy your visit and remember, there is a whole lot more to HKPRO than these forums.
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