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USP 40 Safety and Trigger Question

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Hello all I am new here and I have some questions about my USP.

I believe I have a Variant 7 (Double action without control lever (no manual safety/decocking lever)) with the LEM trigger upgrade. I could be wrong about that but there is not safety (control lever) so that's how I came to that conclusion.

First off, I want to put a safety on this thing. Is it possible and what do I need to buy? How much would it run me if I had to bring it to someone to have it done?

Second, I am not even that wild about the LEM trigger. What trigger upgrades are out there(action, manufacturer, price, etc)? Also, If I was to get a trigger upgrade do you all recommend double or single action. I am sure its a matter of preference but Id love to hear opinions on each.

Thanks for the help.
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A LOT of people consider the Variant 7 an upgrade over V1. Personally I have a V1 and I like it the way it is.
If you posted a WTB for the parts to convert yours back to V1 I'm sure you would come up with someone who isn't
using theirs. You might even find those parts in the WTS parts section.
You could have custom trigger work done once you switch it to V1.
Bill Springfield -
Bill Springfield is probably the best known HK trigger guy out there.
What you have is LEM. But I am not sure if you have Light or Heavy (standard) LEM. How is the trigger pull? Does it feel like 4.5-5.5 lbs or 7-8 lbs?
You can put a safety on the USP, but you'll have to spend some $$$ and get parts. I think a member (fatmat) has some parts for sale in the WTS section, so you might to PM him and find out. Basically, what you'll need are:

1. V1 or V9 detent plate (V9 will work better, but V1 will also work)
2. Slide plate
3. Side plate compression spring
4. V1 Hammer axle
5. Safety lever (right or left handed)

If you want to pursue this further, check out website and find the needed parts. Or if you're having trouble navigating around HKParts, post here and I can help.

LEM will give you the same trigger pull every time. Light LEM will give you 4.5 to 5.5-lb trigger pull. Heavy LEM is 7 to 8-lb trigger pull.
DA/SA (V1) is a little different from LEM. The first trigger pull (DA) is very heavy (11.5 lbs). But after that, the rest (SA) are light pulls, about 4.4 lbs.
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If I do this safety addition will I still be able to keep the LEM trigger?
If I do this safety addition will I still be able to keep the LEM trigger?
Yes. See this thread for reference.
O that's exactly what I needed thanks!
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