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HK USP 45 Tactical
Date Code: (KK)
Current personal Round count 400

I just bought a USP 45 Tactical for 850 that has never been fired and still had factory grease. I been trying to learn all I can about it.

I was curious what the weight of the buffer spring is on my USP 45 Tactical? I have heard the main spring is 13 pounds.

Also, when I rack my slide all the way back till it hits the buffer, I can only pull back just a fraction of a inch, when the slide is all the way back from recoil, does it use the whole length of the buffer spring, or just the little tid-bit I can feel when I rack the slide far enough?

I wanted to try a "few" round of 45 super or 450 SMC just to try it out and also wonderd if wolff makes even stiffer buffer springs.
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