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When I purchased my USP Expert NIB about a year and a half ago, I decided that any pistol that I buy over a thousand dollars would get a very detailed round count. So later that night I went and bought a little note book and threw it in the HK cool guy pistol bag and kept it in there.

When ever I go to the range I shoot which ever rounds I brought for my pistol and save the boxes. At the end of the session I total them up and enter them in my log book, along with any notes or comments. Please remember I only do this for pistols over $1k.
I’ve had 1750 rounds through my USP .45 Expert for the longest time. It’s kind of been bugging me that I’m not up to 2,000 yet.

Have you ever woken up one morning and said to yourself: “Man it’s a good day to shoot my .45!” Well that’s how I felt Sunday. But 250 rounds that I didn’t have weren’t enough for me to go shooting. So I went to Turner’s which is a chain gun store here in So Cal. Too see what kind of prices they had on ammo. They had a bunch of Winchester 230 JHP in 50 round white boxes for about $22 each So I took five of those to make the 250 I need to get to the 2k mark through my Expert. But they also had the one-hundred round value pack of .40 S&W for about the same price. Wal-Mart in Los Angeles county area does not sell anything more than shotgun shells.

I came home with 250 rounds of .45 JHPs and 200 rounds of .40 FMJ. I dug in my safe for 50 rounds of .40 165gr Silver Tips, 20 rounds of .40 135gr Hydra Shock and 50 rounds of 124gr 9mm Hydra Shock. All of them went to the range!

Since the USP Compact 9mm has had its sights adjusted and it just happens to be my favorite HK. I shot that one first. Only 50 rounds for my beloved USP Compact. Did I mention these are the Hydra-shock bought from Cheaper Than Dirt in 50 round Boxes? Well they are! I don’t usually complain about muzzle flash. But Damn! Those rounds even made me pay extra attention to the muzzle flash just to make sure I wasn’t going nutz! I suppose to meet the prices Cheaper Than Dirt wanted they had to change to a cheaper powder. All my shots except for three flyers landed right where I wanted. What makes me even happier is that the very first shot out of that gun was dead center and so was the one to follow it. I take grate pride in a range session that begins that way. It’s a great boost of confidence. Before My sights were adjusted it was shooting a little to the left.

Next up was my big beautiful USP .45 Expert. Needless to say like all Expert and Tactical owners, I LOVE THIS GUN! I know that the USP 45 is way too big for a person like me to be shooting it. But for some reason I can drill holes like no body’s business with a USP 45! So I was very anxious to see how I would do today with these rounds. Whenever I go to the range I made a promise to myself that any center fire weapon mag change will be a Emergency Reload or a Tactical reload. I was lazy today so I just did Emergency reloads. I’m glad I’ve been doing this because I got complements from other shooters on how quick my reloads were.

I’ve mainly used American Eagle 230gr FMJs through my USP Expert and they would run 100% Except for the occasional brass flying straight back at me. I’d have no problems. I was very very excited to see that again my very first round landed right above where my front sight was on the paper. So did the next five shots. On the sixth shot I pulled the trigger and nothing happened. Took a closer look still locked in a traditional Weaver stance and what do I find? My slide was not fully forward. I didn’t think much of it. They are new rounds I can allow one slip up to get the gun use to it. I simply pushed the slide forward and pulled the trigger again and it went bang. Did a reload and on the second shot from the second mag, again it happened. Slide not fully forward. Two of these in less than 12 rounds…got me thinking. Maybe I spent too much money on rounds my .45 was not going to like. But I’ll be damned if I was going to give up that quick. Everything ran smoothly after that. Just for fun I even tried limp wristing to see if I could get it to stove pipe. I have no such malfunction to report.

I bring 5-ten round mags so I may shoot a whole box of ammo before I need to reload my mags. I like my system, I feel it works well. I bring a thigh mount three bay mag pouch cause it’s tacti-cool! My next string of 50 rounds ran very well. But I have to ask; is it me or does the massive slide of the Expert seem to be inconsistent in terms of velocity? I have no idea how you would confirm this, and to be quite honest I think I’d be too lazy and cheep to buy the necessary equipment. But I swear sometimes I could just feel the slide moving forward and other times I couldn’t tell the difference. Since this doesn’t happen with the gun’s usual diet of American Eagle 230 FMJ I was not too worried. But it did seem a little weird to me. Throughout my range session I had several failures of the slide not fully locking forward. I was averaging at least 4 per 50 rounds.

I would like to ask all USP 45 Expert owners if they’ve had similar experiences of the slide failing to lock fully forward. Should I change my O-ring? Before I started the range session I only had 1,750 rounds through the USP Expert.

Well after I let my Expert cool I took out my USP Compact .40 stainless and started drilling holes in enemy paper targets. I love the USP Compact series. I think its such a great pistol that first me very well. I always seem to just effortlessly point and shoot that gun where bullets need to go. I have not fired a .40 in over a year. I have my three .40 cal pistols for the sake of having a 40 cal pistol. My first was a Sig P229 to complete my Sig collection. The second was my USP Compact 40 and the third was a gift to me from my best friend; a full size USP 40 stainless. My best friend and I have a nice little gun giving thing going on. I gave him a Glock 17, he gave me a USP. Guess who come out on top of that deal!!! I was very happy with the performance of the Compact 40 Stainless. So much in fact that I think I want to bring it out again next range trip. My only complaint was that it chewed a small piece of skin from the joint of my thumb. I felt the top of the tang hitting right there during recoil but didn’t think much of it. Until my last 50 rounds when I noticed I was bleeding slightly.

All in all I had a good range session and an even better Sunday. 250 rounds of 45, 50 rounds of 9mm and 270 rounds of .40 were shot through my HKs making a grand total of 570 rounds. Yup I had a good day. Sorry for the long report. I got a little carried away

Please introduce me to your friend :)

"My best friend and I have a nice little gun giving thing going on. I gave him a Glock 17, he gave me a USP. Guess who come out on top of that deal!!!"

Man I would love to meet your best friend :)
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