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USP 9mm Expert or Glock 35??

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You guys know the pluses and minuses. The Glock 35 can be easily converted to 9mm, the USP can't be converted to 40mm. 9mm is what I want. I will likely want to change out barrels anyway to to shoot lead.

O will use the pistol to shoot about 15K rounds a year at the range. Also, use in various competitions.

Please help with choice!!! I know this is an HK site and the advice may be biased (or maybe not). Right now I think the G35 is superior, definetly in price of both the initial purchase of the gun and mags.

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You can look around for it, but as for round count, a member here 50AE has put over 100,000 rounds through his USP 45f only changing the recoil spring once at 80,000 rounds (tho he admitted he should have changed it around the 50,000-ish mark or sooner)

The HK is +p rated, and will take everything you can throw at it. Whereas a .40 cal glock (especially with shooting that much, if you want to reload for the best accuracy and lowest cost) your risking a KB, whereas the HK's more supported chamber is safer for reloaded ammunition. I do not know if the glock is +p rated, but the USP is!

The USP's match trigger is awesome, only surpassed by high end 1911 triggers... and is a match grade competition pistol out of the box. No mods or altering required. You can add the Jet funnel for the 9 and .40 cal versions for faster reloads and more capacity (16 rounds of .40 rather than 13)

If you want to put lead through it, try it out first. MOST people do not have problems with HARD CAST lead, although it is more of a hassle for cleaning. If the barrel starts to lead up too quickly, then dont shoot it. The glock will be the same way.

Aftermarket barrels are fairly slim for the USP, as there is not much need for better ones, but Jarvis does offer them. Not sure if they make any for the USP expert series, but they are every bit as accurate, and conventional rifling for shooting lead.

Good luck, the USP Expert may be twice as much, but it will be worth every penny!
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