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USP 9mm Expert or Glock 35??

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You guys know the pluses and minuses. The Glock 35 can be easily converted to 9mm, the USP can't be converted to 40mm. 9mm is what I want. I will likely want to change out barrels anyway to to shoot lead.

O will use the pistol to shoot about 15K rounds a year at the range. Also, use in various competitions.

Please help with choice!!! I know this is an HK site and the advice may be biased (or maybe not). Right now I think the G35 is superior, definetly in price of both the initial purchase of the gun and mags.

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You lost me a little bit. You are comparing a 40 cal Glock to a 9mm HK Expert? As far as I know you cannot convert a G35 to shoot 9mm, the slide is different and breech face, extractor set up made for the larger 40 cal case. I've been shooting Glocks for the past 12 years, and own several myself, including a G34, the 9mm tactical/practical version of the G35. It's not as simple as swapping barrels unless you are going for the bottle-necked .357 SIG in a 40 cal weapon or a wildcat load like the 440 Cor-Bon shot from a 45 auto. Okay, now back to answer your original question... I have fired both the G34 (own it) and a G35. The 9mm G34 is the better of the two in my opinion, the recoil is mild, ammunition is cheaper, capacity greater by two (if that matters), and lastly the accuracy is among THE best 9mm has to offer. On to the HK Expert... this weapon dwarfs the competition, in fact there probably isn't any, and I am an owner of several makes other than HKs (so not totally partial or biased). We're talking about something that retails for twice as much as the Glock. I have fired a 45 Expert and it was as smooth as could be and equally accurate. It could easily compete and hold its own against any high dollar 1911 target pistol of your choosing. I guess it comes down to how much you want to spend.
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