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USP 9mm Expert or Glock 35??

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You guys know the pluses and minuses. The Glock 35 can be easily converted to 9mm, the USP can't be converted to 40mm. 9mm is what I want. I will likely want to change out barrels anyway to to shoot lead.

O will use the pistol to shoot about 15K rounds a year at the range. Also, use in various competitions.

Please help with choice!!! I know this is an HK site and the advice may be biased (or maybe not). Right now I think the G35 is superior, definetly in price of both the initial purchase of the gun and mags.

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Not really a Glock guy but have shot 'em and don't really have anything against them Expert 9 is my second best 9mm shooter next to my Elite but it is very close. PS...I have a Sig X-5 too!
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