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I am sure some of you have seen there have been quite a few USP 9mm LEM PD trade in guns for sale. Some have wear and some appear to be un-issued extras. I finally bought one of these and to my suprise the trigger breaks right at 4.5 lbs and is a very nice trigger. It has a round wire TRS instead of the most common square wire on factory LEM's. It is a AF (as every one I have seen) jet funnel, meps and HK light (new in the case)

Can any one else confirm that has one of these, that the stock trigger is like mine? And what dept these came from? I won't have to order any springs for this one!

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Mine came from CA DOJ. It looked untouched. I was told that my particular gun was issued to a Judge as a bench gun. It looks like it may have lived in a felt lined drawer if it ever left the box.

Sold it to my little brother, who after feeling the trigger, sold his Glock immediately and said he'll never own another one.
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