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USP Combat Owner's Manual

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Hey Guys, I just purchased a 2009 USP 9mm Custom Combat Pistol . There was no Owner's Manual with the gun, can some one please post a picture of the manual for 2009? Or a product, part number or description of the manual? I've seen several different USP manuals on the web. I looked at the manuals on the HK website, none of the manuals indicated which year for the gun.

Thanks in advance.
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USP Manual

The second page of the manual shows the revision dates. You can also request a free copy from HK Cust Svc.

ETA: Part number is 704000 and can be purchase here if you do not want to bother HKCS.

Thanks TooSixty, I will order one from the suggested website you mentioned. I'm sure I can use a few other USP items as well.

Thanks again

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