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USP Compact Fail to Eject

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I have a new USP 40c that I just had a gunsmith convert to standard LEM. I just took it to the range and was having several failures to eject, averaging 1 per mag. The casing was getting caught half in/half out of the ejector port. I also had a couple fail to feed, where the round was not fully chambering. I was using WWB 165gr.

Any ideas what the issue is?
- I will confess that I went straight to range without cleaning and lubing. Could this be the issue? Do HKs like to be ran as wet as Sigs?
- Is there something that may not have been done right in the LEM conversion? I don't think it would be but just wondering?
- Could it be WWB? I haven't had any issues before, but I know some guns don't like certain ammos.
- Is there something that I could be doing to cause it? This is my first LEM, I usually shoot DA/SA or SAO, so is there something I could be doing in trigger pull or resetting that would cause this issue? I shoot .40 regularly using same ammo in my Sig P224 which is slightly smaller and just slightly heavier, so I wouldn't think it was something like limp wristing.
- Does the USPc need to be broken-in and this is not that usually.? Based on experience and what I've read I highly doubt it but jusr asking.

I really want to figure this out and have this be reliable for me shooting, because this gun feels the best to handle of any gun I have experienced and I am as accurate or more accurate then any other gun I've fired. Unfortunately I probably won't get to go back to the range for about another 2weeks, so trying to figure out if there is anything specific I can look at now.
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Assuming you are not limp-wresting the gun, the good news is it is very likely just the fact that it wasn't cleaned first, and a bit of running-in of the parts. The LEM conversion would have nothing to do with it.

Most of my HK's have faired well on the first trip to the range, after initial degreasing and oiling. I've had one that was tight and had 3-4 ejection issues in the first 100-150 rounds, but it has run fine since.

Clean it, shoot it, and don't change any other variable (i.e., use the same ammo). My expectation is after a couple hundred rounds the FTFs and FTEs will go away. If not, you'll get more suggestions here. And of course, you can also get HK Customer Service to check it out if you still have any doubts.
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