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USP Compact Fail to Eject

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I have a new USP 40c that I just had a gunsmith convert to standard LEM. I just took it to the range and was having several failures to eject, averaging 1 per mag. The casing was getting caught half in/half out of the ejector port. I also had a couple fail to feed, where the round was not fully chambering. I was using WWB 165gr.

Any ideas what the issue is?
- I will confess that I went straight to range without cleaning and lubing. Could this be the issue? Do HKs like to be ran as wet as Sigs?
- Is there something that may not have been done right in the LEM conversion? I don't think it would be but just wondering?
- Could it be WWB? I haven't had any issues before, but I know some guns don't like certain ammos.
- Is there something that I could be doing to cause it? This is my first LEM, I usually shoot DA/SA or SAO, so is there something I could be doing in trigger pull or resetting that would cause this issue? I shoot .40 regularly using same ammo in my Sig P224 which is slightly smaller and just slightly heavier, so I wouldn't think it was something like limp wristing.
- Does the USPc need to be broken-in and this is not that usually.? Based on experience and what I've read I highly doubt it but jusr asking.

I really want to figure this out and have this be reliable for me shooting, because this gun feels the best to handle of any gun I have experienced and I am as accurate or more accurate then any other gun I've fired. Unfortunately I probably won't get to go back to the range for about another 2weeks, so trying to figure out if there is anything specific I can look at now.
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