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Can anyone recommend a set of night sights?

I'm thinking of Heinie vSlantPro Straight Eights, Tru-Glos, or Mepros.

Anyone know if the Mepro 21516 will fit on the CT?

Any suggestions?
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I put Mepros (green, orange) on my tactical to get low sights and they worked great! (I ordered regular USP fullsize sights) I spoke with Jeff Swisher at HK and he said that I could even get just the front sight and replace the one on my CT (Low-sight version) and it would work, if it is available separately from Meprolight. I'll probably just get the full set from Brownells again, but I can vouch for the Meprolights - they work, fit, and shoot poa/poi.
I saw an new-in-box CT the other day with tall Heinies ( I think), and it looked great, I just don't have a suppressor, so I want the low sight plane.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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