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Hello all,

Any help or tips regarding this issue would be appreciated!

I picked up a BNIB USP Expert .45. I noticed before I ever shot it that the double action trigger reset would sometimes hang up and require a gentle nudge before returning to double action mode. If I completely let off the trigger after the hammer drops, the force usually returns it to battery as it snaps forward. However if I keep my finger on the trigger and ride it forward, the trigger will often stop prior to returning to battery. With the slide off I inspected the lower for obstructions along the trigger bar on the right side and nothing seems to be obstructed or damaged.

I test fired the weapon and it shoots like a dream, with the trigger in DA and SA both being superb and flawless operation. It just seems odd to have this issue in such a high end gun.

Question: Is the trigger reset in DA mode when new? Does the gun just need to be broken in? I fully lubed the gun as well to make sure lubrication is not an issue.
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