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Okay, here's what I'm looking for in a USP red dot mount:

Reasonable Price.
Mounts on standard proprietary rail, with a rail of some sort on the mount directly underneath the one on the gun.
As little contact with slide as possible.
Doesn't limit use of controls whatsoever.
Rail for mounting optics, preferably picatinny.

Can anyone direct me towards something that meets at least most of these requirements, the top rail being picatinny and the bottom rail altogether aren't necessary, but would be nice. Please include links if you can.


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There was a guy selling some if the old HK ones a few weeks ago in the classifieds. Last I saw he still had one for sale.


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Any reason you don't spring for slide milling?
I've heard that a pistol could have reliability issues with a red dot weighing down the slide, and some mounts have quad rails, which means a lot of room to mount accessories, if you can think of four individual accessories that make sense on a handgun, and, not that it really matters, I just really like the way a mount looks on a gun.
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