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USP Tactical .40

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I'm sure this has been covered but have a couple questions as I'm proud new owner of one of these.

#1- is there a thigh holster that currently fits this model? If so which ones. I've been struggling finding one.

#2- Looking at night sights. First off, is it imperative to have the sights like the ones they come it seems it would be harder to find holsters, or can we use standard sights like on regular USPS?

Thanks in advance!!
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Safariland offers a Thigh Rig (I think), fastest would probably give them a call.

Meprolight offers a direct replacement adjustable night sight thats very good that are same height for seeing over the can.

Keep in mind when ordering holsters to tell the maker IF you have taller sights for seeing over the can as the sight chanel needs to be deeper, so they ship you the proper holster.

Yes you can use Standard USP height sights, but they are NOT tall enough to see over a can if you ever decide to use one.
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