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Hi guys,

I'm new here and this is my first post, pleasure to make your acquaintance!

So, I have a USP Custom Sport in 9mm (I added a Tactical barrel later) and I am looking for a holster for it. Most holsters I found either say (or at least look like) they don't fit the Custom Sport/Tactical because of its higher front sight and/or larger rear sight.

The only one I -know- that fits is the Front Line KNG922 because a buddy of mine who has the same raised sights has one of these.

Do you know any other ready-to-buy (not custom) holsters that fit? Preferably readily available, with retention and drop-leg/low-rise base compatibility.

I already emailed Orpaz Defense and IMI, but both haven't replied yet. As for Safariland, I can't tell from their description...

Thank you very much!
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