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USP Tactical Match Trigger

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I am planning on getting a USP45 with a threaded barrel. I have been scouting out prices I an effort to see if it is cheaper to buy the base model and add the extra parts, or just buy the 45T (I don't need those match sights). To that end, when people say the Tactical has a "match trigger", are they referring to this:


Or just this:


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Regarding the match trigger kit (the first one referenced), I just had this kit installed in my USP 45. I got it new in August, put about 1200 rounds through it, then did the match trigger. I've put about 250 rounds through it with the match trigger. It is nothing short of of fantastic! I'm sure you can search and find all the details of everyone's opinions on it. In my case, I have current experience with and without. I really like it; smooth, light, short travel in SA and lighter shorter travel in DA.

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