USP45 Stainless for Trade

* UPDATE - okay so I’m a bit ignorant on current values. I did some research and it appears that the stainless 9mm versions are more valuable. I’ve edited my offer below to reflect this *

I recently acquired this USP and don't need another USP 45 so I'm looking for something different. This USP45 comes with the following:
  • USP45 KG date code and matching serial numbers
  • 2 LE marked 12 round magazines (10-94)
  • Original grey case
  • Original manual
  • Original accessories pamphlet
  • Original warranty paperwork
  • Upgraded Tru Dot sights (dead)
  • Original sights (not installed)
  • Upgraded LEM trigger kit (installed)
  • Original V3 parts (not installed)
Items to consider
  • This is NOT a safe queen gun. It's been handled and used.
  • I am not the original owner and I don't have background information.
  • There is slide wear on the right side, probably from being holstered. (photos)
  • There is a ding on the right side of the slide. I lightly cleaned it with Hoppes but it didn't come off so I think it's a ding. (photos)
  • The internals of the gun are very clean and have seen very little wear. (photos)
  • The barrel looks lightly used. Very clean and minor wear. (photos)
  • I'm guessing this was a duty weapon and wasn't used much, only holstered and handled. This would explain the wear on the outside with little wear on the inside.
What I'm looking for
  • I'd like a USP9 Stainless with original mags, paperwork, and case. I can add up to $600 with my trade to help match the USP9 SS value
  • Or I'd like a USP9c Stainless with original mags, paperwork, and case. I can add up to $400 with my trade to help match the USPc SS value.
  • I’m also considering the USP 9 Tactical. I can add up to $500 to match the value.
  • I'm looking for something of similar quality, not trying to upgrade here. However, if I need to add a little $$$ for something nicer, I can.
How this works
  • If you are a member here at HKPro and have a solid buy/sell/trade history, I will do a cross-ship, FFL to FFL.
  • If you are a member here who is new or doesn't do much by way of buy/sell/trade, I will ask you to ship first to my FFL. After I pick it up, I will ship 2nd.
  • Please don't respond to this thread. Simply send me a message and we'll work out a trade. I'm a photo guy so I'll ask for a bunch of pics.
  • If you DM me and say, call this phone number, I'll ignore you.

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More photos to come.