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USP9 Expert (or any USP9 with jet funnel/raised sights) in Pelican 1170?

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Hey all,

Anyone know if a 9mm USP variant with a jet funnel and raised suppressor sights will fit in a Pelican 1170? Going purely based off of imprecise and varying stated dimensions I've found online, it's either barely too big or just barely small enough to fit. Either way it's tight. It'd also be great if someone could post a picture of theirs with a ruler next to it if they're able to or can point to what the exact max height is, preferably in mm or something equally precise.

Standard USP9 Tactical is already a tight fit and it'd be nice to know that it'd still fit in my case with the mag upgrade.

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Not sure about your exact scenario, but aren't the Experts' sights lower than the Tactical because of the milled slide? Not sure how much, but it wouldn't surprise me if the height over bore is any taller than the standard USP.

So you should just be figuring for a Jet Funneled USP (might make it easier to find someone who can help that way)
Ah yeah, forgot they've got the lower sights. So, if anyone's got a USP9 Tactical with jet funnel or knows the accurate exact measurements that'd be great!
Hopefully with mag inside as well. Measurements both with and without would be super though.
Will get some measurements for you tomorrow.
I used the Pelican 1075 with pluck & pull foam. I am using it for my USP 9 combat full size pistol. The only thing I had to modify was the top piece of lid gray foam. I used a pair of scissors to trim the upper lid foam peaks flush to the foam. This allowed the 1075 to close easier. I used a 1075 for my Glock 19 with no foam modification, because the Glock is not as thick as the HK.
With and without mag.

6" with new-style, steel JF mag and a little over 5.75" without the mag. The old-style, translucent JF mag is a little shorter so if you have a few millimeters to spare, I would suggest going with the translucent JF mags.

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Alright, thanks! It seems like it should just barely fit with the steel mags loaded, but it will definitely fit without them. Just ordered the kit/mags, will post pics once they get here for anyone else interested.
Ok, jet funnel arrived. Mags haven't yet but they should be here by the end of the week hopefully. Not sure if they'll clear the clear the case - I'm hoping they will, but it's certainly going to be a tight fit.

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With holidays over, I finally had a bit of time to cut out some foam and mostly finish out the case. I'll probably spray some plastidip onto the foam later for some better heat resistance, otherwise it works very well. It's recessed a little over half an inch in (1.5cm) so it's still easy to grab out but it's very firmly planted in and you can shake the case around without hearing any movement.

The magazine loaded rests against the bottom edge without any pressure on it and the rear sight has a few mm of clearance so it's not got any pressure on it either. All in all I'm very pleased, and if anyone else is wondering, yes the 1170 (barely) works!

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