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USPc .40 or P2000 .40

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I was wonder what you guys thought about both of these and also which do you prefer. If you can list pros and cons it would be help full. for that matter any info would be help full.Thanks-ber
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You are going to here alot of "Get them both, I did". While I plan on owning both next year, I am starting with the USPc .40. The P2000, however, with removeable back straps to fit you hand, is unbeleivably comfortable and is rather light. I like them both very much, but the other peice of advise you are going to here is: go to the local range and try them both. After that, with the USPc, you'll have to decide what features you want, as far as Variant type (this goes along with how long you want to wait for it). The
P2000, on the other hand, has less options but mostly..go to the range try them out and buy which you feel comfortable with and have fun, but be safe.
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