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I am still recovering from an accident that happened in July of 2011 and had my first opportunity todsay to exercise my USPC .40 CCW piece. My first shot was well low and then my 67 year old brain remembered that the HK sight pattern is a bit different. I proceeded to put the next 12 rounds into a 6" group at 7 yards. Not bad for an old fart using a walker, at least I can still shoot little bit anyway!

The thing I find odd about the forum is, I had to go back several pages to find a thread that talks about the USPC .40. Hey, what is there to say about the finest hand gun from the 20th century? LOL
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They are great guns, but I think most people aren't crazy about. 40's. Here in GA anything in a 40 seems to be hard to get rid of. I think they are a good round.
This man speaks true. .40 is a desired police round, but not too many civilians I know, down here at least, like the .40. It's either 9mm or .45.
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